CRM development and
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Do you:

  • Need a CRM but aren’t sure if it will fulfill your business needs?
  • Want to find a suitable CRM but every single one lacks something?
  • Aren’t sure if it will reduce your costs and increase your efficiency?

CRM development and consulting services will get

you the CRM you need

Mass-market, online customer relationship management software rarely matches your business needs.

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CRM consulting is about understanding YOUR business needs and translating them into software. We will have an objective, impartial look at your business. You will get a complete vision of your solution from us because we have both technical and business skills. Mastering software development isn’t enough, because technology can’t turn a bad business model into a good one.


Thoroughness should always be valued over speed. “ASAP” is not in our vocabulary. Doing things properly from the start may seem slow. But in the long run, there is less time spent on developing the CRM because the strategic planning was done thoroughly. Possible pitfalls are adressed immediately. You may also realise that some features of your CRM that you have considered indispensable are useless and can be discarded right away. This reduces the cost and time. Thanks to this approach, the nasty surprise factor is reduced to a minimum.


Everything can’t be done. Most software companies will tell their clients what they want to hear: That they can create everything they need. Well, maybe everything can be done. But at what cost? And is it really beneficial to your business? We want to support you every step of the way, not just take the money for the product and go. As CRM consultants, we will always tell you if something doesn’t work or if your business needs a completely different software solution.


You won’t get only developers, but business analysts, marketing experts and developers who have real-world business experience running their own companies. We understand how to guide a business through digital transformation in order to increase its efficiency and profits. Our mission is to contribute to your success.

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