Remote development team

Do you need:

  • A remote software development team with years of experience?
  • With senior developers who will understand your business challenges?
  • Who are reliable and deliver on time, based in the EU?

Remote development team benefits

1. Location, Time zone

We are based in Zagreb and Split, Croatia (EU).

We are in the GMT+1 time zone (Paris, Berlin, Zagreb).

2. Language and communication

Everybody on our team speaks fluent English. If need be, we can also cover Italian and French. For remote work and meetings, we use Google Meet and Skype. We can deliver daily reports, meetings or calls, if you wish.

3. Cost-efficient

In addition to not having to pay insurance and taxes when having in-house developers, a remote development team costs less per hour, because we are based in Croatia. A reliable, experienced developer who lives in Zagreb costs much less than one who lives in London or Berlin. And with zero cuts in quality.

4. Increased productivity

We have already ingrained remote work in our company’s culture. This means greater productivity: We have learned to be flexible. 90% of our clients are based abroad. We have no unscheduled meetings – we are dedicated to you and your project.

5. Better than freelancers

You will have a dedicated remote development team at your disposal, not an individual. We will sign a contract between our companies. If you choose to do so, we will assign a project manager to your remote team.

6. Diverse talent pool

We have decades of combined remote work experience in different industries and sectors. We have started and grown our own businesses, members of our remote team have worked not only in development, but also in sales, marketing, business analysis, big corporations and as freelancers. The diverse knowledge and advice we provide is guaranteed to produce custom-made software solutions tailored to your business needs.

How to manage your remote development team


You choose if you want to

  • Have your project manager or product owner manage the team
  • Have our project manager or team leader assigned to the remote team
  • A combination of both

Keeping track of time

  • We can schedule daily or weekly calls. You will get detailed reports on everything that was finished that day.
  • You will know the direction in which the project is heading at every moment.
  • We will have a two-way communication: We will receive instructions from you, and you will get advice from us.

The process of hiring and working with a remote

development team

1. We meet online

We present ourselves and our projects.

You will see what we do and how we work.

2. Your vision

We want to hear how you want to improve your business through software and know your daily challenges. Together, we’ll find the best solution and the most suitable methodology: Agile or waterfall.

3. You will receive our proposal

Based on what we concluded together, you will receive our document with estimates – the time and material with prices.

4. Define your team

We will propose the people that we see as the most suitable for your project. No matter who you choose to have on your remote team, you will have a single point of contact. All communication and logistics will be handled by our key account manager.

5. The work starts

You will be updated through daily or weekly calls and reporting.

Continuous quality assurance and testing will be done before delivering each segment of software.

6. Delivery according to predefined cycles

You will receive each segment in accordance with the deadlines, or before.

Quality assurance and testing is extensively done before each delivery.

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