Horus - bespoke ERP music
distribution software

Custom-made ERP software developed for the
Horus digital music distribution company

Bespoke software | ERP

Digital music distribution software - bespoke ERP solution


For the end client, we have developed a bespoke ERP system for digital music distribution. It's a platform where artists can upload and monetise audio releases which are distributed to over 200 audio platforms.

The ERP system enables:

  • The artists to upload their music
  • The company to distribute the music to many different online stores (Amazon, Spotify, Youtube…)
  • The company to follow all the business processes of digital music distribution

This is an ongoing project – it has started 5 years ago

See the website: www.horusmusic.global


Strategic planning and solution architecture design

Development of ERP with modules for administrators, artists and music distribution

Continuous upgrades, support and quality assurance


The existing initial application for music distribution was written very simply, in an outdated way, without using any development platform.

The main problems were:

  • Old design and visuals

  • Outdated code of the application

  • No development platform

  • Not enough useful features

  • Security flaws

  • No scalability whatsoever

After about a year of maintenance, new members joined the team. Together, they prepared the rewrites of the existing application into the PHP programming language using the Symfony framework, upgraded the system and moved the entire application to AWS.

This was the beginning of a modern approach to the development of the Horus platform, followed by the expansion of the development team when new developers joined the group.

Music distribution software interface 1


  • New and intuitive visuals

  • Better user experience

  • Increased scaling and efficiency

  • Designed and implemented new features to keep up with trends

  • Faster and easier music upload into the system

  • Quick customer support

  • Increased security

Today, Horus is a fully fledged music distribution platform that has:

  • 45,000+ deliveries in one day

  • 1,000+ of active users

  • 10 million reports processed every month

  • 150 million processed records in the system and growing

The new ERP system enables the future integration of new apps by using the same user database shared across multiple platforms in the ecosystem.

Music distribution software interface 3


PHP Symfony, MySQL

Javascript, ReactJS

Amazon AWS, RDS, RabbitMQ



Backend developers

Frontend developer

Fullstack developers

Project manager

Product owner