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The Fenix Polyclinic from Zagreb offers healthcare services and specialist examinations. Its staff is comprised of highly qualified medical doctors with decades of experience. Despite this, new clients came mainly via word-of-mouth recommendations and old-school marketing channels.

The polyclinic’s director, Dr. Vesna Gall, contacted us to have their website redesigned and wanted to know if we can increase the number of leads and clients by using digital marketing.

We redesigned the website from the ground up, optimized it for search engines and made continuous conversion optimization to increase the click-through rate. The results of our work can be seen below.

See the website: www.poliklinika-fenix.hr


Website redesign, restructuring and coding

Content creation and SEO (search engine optimisation)

Implementation of traffic and behaviour tracking tools for improving the conversion rate.

Resulting business growth

In the space of 3 months, the number of new clients quadrupled.



New clients



CTR improvement



New website visits/mo.

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Dr. Vesna Gall, MD

Thanks to the guys from Flipkod, the number of clients of our polyclinic just exploded! I was amazed at the difference our website redesign made.

Dr. Vesna Gall, MD

Fenix Polyclinic

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Website improvements

The redesigned website was optimized to increase CTR. The rankings in Google for different relevant queries improved drastically. Page loading time was reduced to improve user experience.

Page loading speed increase


Average position change on Google


Goals achieved - growth (website visitors send an email or call)